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JD Woods/AL: I talked to richard on wednesday. he took my ap over the phone, Its sunday. I start orientation monday in memphis. It was that easy. jd

 Welcome Drivers! Please feel free to browse our site. We have a lot to offer and we are upfront, straight up, and honest with you. We expect the same in return. Take a few minutes to look at some of the companies we recruit for and are affiliated with. If you find one, or even several you are interested in please fill out our application and we will be in contact with you shortly. We will do everything within our power to meet YOUR NEEDS as a...Professional interstate commodities relocation expert!

Thanks for looking and be safe out there, Richard

 Richard Recruiting is different than any other truck driver jobs website or trucking job placement in the industry today.

Unlike most trucking jobs websites who just pass your truck driver job application on to hundreds of trucking and logistics companies, we actually CONTACT YOU and guide YOU through the hiring process. You will be contacted by one of our experienced truck driver recruiters and they will assist YOU in finding the RIGHT truck driver job to fit your needs.

YOU make the decision on which truck driving companies see YOUR application. You will NOT be contacted by any company that you do not want in your job search application.

There is NEVER charge!

There is nothing to lose!

Free driver job placement.

We are currently featuring openings in the following types of truck driving jobs:

O/O solo and team driver jobs

Company solo truck driver jobs

Company team truck driver jobs

Lease/Purchase and truck buyers jobs

Recent CDL class A grads truck driving jobs

CDL class A school for truck driving jobs

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For the busy professional truck drivers who are looking for a trucking job, looking to change jobs or, simply weighing their options, we are available to interview and take telephone applications for over 30 different premium trucking companies nationwide. We are linked directly to ALL of these companies via our server database ensuring quick responses (24-48 hrs. in most cases) for our applicants.

We offer to and assist in the placement of: OTR, Teams, Solo, regionals, O/O's, Lease/Purchase, and heavy haul, over dimentional drivers.

We have a LARGE database of premium trucking companies from which to choose. 40 + companies! This volume alone gives an applicant freedom of choice to suit THEIR trucking lifestyle with amenities such as: 

Better home time

Rider policy

Pet Policy

Better miles

Better pay

Good Equipment

Better Benefits

We know who is hiring, where they are hiring and, the positions that are open!

Untouched, actual testimonials from our clients. 

Jason Hintz /SCI wish to thank Richard for his assistance in helping me to find a home in the trucking business. There are alot of trucking firms out there. He gave me the tools needed to make a wise decition. Thanks Rich, Jason

JD Woods/AL: I talked to richard on wednesday. he took my ap over the phone, Its sunday. I start orientation monday in memphis. It was that easy. jd

Dennis Houston /TXThanks Richard for an execellent job helping me find a company to work for. Apreciate the time you took looking and your professional experience helped. May need you again in the future, thanks again Dennis.                             

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Please visit our sister site for professional pilot car dispatch! Click on the pilot car!

Bridge Beam on a steerable with two of our pilot cars...He was about 160 ft. long.

We've assisted in moving some pretty large AND HEAVY loads! "Just how big a boy are ya?' 

And...we've seen some unfortunate events. This is a tower section on a steerable for a wind farm project that rolled over in a gully less than a mile to the to the unload site.

If you would like to apply, click here. there is nothing to lose and you are nuder NO obligation! 

 To find a job in your area, we have several postings on the "current openings" page. Click at the top of the page. We also post our jobs on INDEED and onTENSTREET. Can't find what you're looking for? Give us a call, driver!

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My Dad drove a logging truck throughout the rugged mountains of Western NC and surrounding areas before there were interstate highways. MANY of the roads were not even paved then. I cut my teeth on the steering wheel of a 1948 B model Mack truck very similar to the one pictured below. I was probably 12-13 years old. My how times have changed!

 It is indeed a sad morning this day Sunday, 02/15/2015 as I have received the news that my Dad has passed. As a faithful servant, he will be well received in glory. Rest in Peace my father, my friend. 02/15/2015

 Dad, and my beautiful daughter...

Watch for trains and little dogs! 

 For those of you who have pets, we recommend:                   Pet Health USA! Do this for your best friend!

As you can see, we are and have been involved in many facets of the trucking industry. We very MUCH APPRECIATE YOU  for all that you do to see that America is fed, clothed, and have all the comforts that so many of us take for granted. It is you, the American trucker who keeps America rolling! Thank YOU! Richard                 

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